Increase Blood Flow to your lower extremities with RESTORE - a new office based, same-day procedure.


The signature procedure of Dr. Caruso is RESTORE, an innovative approach to treating lower extremity vascular disease. Traditionally, patients with moderate to severe leg vascular disease require bypass procedures to redirect blood flow around blockages. In RESTORE, Dr. Caruso uses pioneering minimally invasive techniques and equipment to open up blockages while minimizing tissue trauma. This new, same-day procedure is offered in the office to increase blood flow to the lower extremities and improve quality of life. If you suffer with leg pain, make an appointment with Dr. Caruso today to determine if you are a candidate for RESTORE.---

Certified Vascular Laboratory

Dr. Caruso may decide that non-invasive vascular testing is required. Our certified laboratory is conveniently located in our office and we strive to complete this evaluation during your visit. The tests are painless and take approximately 30- 40 minutes.


We know you have choices when choosing your care for these complicated vascular surgical problems. We look forward to providing you with specialized care always with the goal of achieving the best outcome possible.

"I think it is so important to have a physician who knows and understands both the traditional treatment of peripheral arterial disease (leg arteries) by open surgery as well as experience with the most up to date minimally invasive techniques.  The truth is that open bypass surgery is still the gold standard regarding long term patency but in some instances minimally invasive techniques (angioplasty and stents) offer a viable option. In some cases exercise and proper management of risk factors can be enough to make a difference. The key is to have the knowledge to know which is better, the training and experience to offer both, and the skill to deliver a good result
for the patient.”

Joseph M. Caruso, MD